April 17, 2013

Andy Johns 1950 - 2013

Andy produced our first album "Four Winds". To have Andy want to produce your album was quite an achievement and one which I did not take lightly. Take a look at his recording history and it is almost unbelievable. From the Stones to Zeppelin to Rod Stewart - the list goes on and on. I indeed knew how fortunate we were to have him help us on our journey. ANDY and DOUG spending the budget wisely
I cannot in words explain what Andy meant to me. We became very close in a short period of time; brothers really. The stories I could tell are really just unending. He was extremely bright, had golden ears, and most of all, did not tolerate mediocrity. "That's good enough" was not a part of his vocabulary. Andy Johns has left us but he will remain with me in spirit. Luckily, I spoke to Andy and his wife Anet frequently during the last few months. We spoke of working together again which I am sure would have happened. Fortunately, the knowledge I gained from knowing him, inside and outside of the studio, will hold me in good stead in the future. He will be sorely missed. DG

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