Tangier is a rock band whose roots started in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area from about the mid-80's to the early 90's.

In 1985 they released a self-titled record that was recorded at the studio on top of the Galaxy in Somerdale, NJ. That version of Tangier was Doug Gordon, Bill Mattson, Rocco Mazzella, Mike Kost, and Mark Hopkins.

Some time later Tangier reformed as a bluesy hard rock band, with Doug, Bill, Garry Nutt and Gari Saint (both from Chubby Checker's band), and Jimmy Drnec (Cinderella's former drummer). They were the first act signed by former Gentle Giant vocalist Derek Shulman to ATCO Records in 1988 after a string of showcases, and shortly afterward Bobby Bender took Jimmy Drnec's place as drummer. The first major label release was entitled Four Winds, produced by Andy Johns and released in 1989. Tangier hit the road opening for Cinderella on the Long Cold Winter tour. After the tour Bill Mattson and Gari Saint left Tangier, and Mike LeCompt (who did and still does front his own band, LeCompt, a Philadelphia institution) took on lead vocal duties. Stranded, the second album, was released in 1991 and was followed by a second tour. Shortly after the end of the second tour Tangier took a hiatus.

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You can get in touch with the band by email at tangierband@gmail.com.

Oh, and by the way; it's "Tangier", not "Tangiers", and Mike LeCompt was not Tangier's original singer, as is stated on a number of web sites. Not sure where that piece of misinformation came from...