November 2, 2017

Long Time Coming

I understand the we need to communicate via this website, Facebook pages, Twitter etc. I promise to stay on top of it from now on.
We - meaning a few of us have been working on new material and yes actually recording it.  There will be a new post within - I would say days - but the reality will be weeks - about the who what when and how's.  I know we are small but mighty and we as a group do so appreciate the responses that we get on the youtube vids after all this time.  Give me some time to figure out how to do the Facebook page and we will be rockin. Thx for the patience. DG

September 28, 2013

HI GUYS - Great News, Rock Candy has re-released the might FOUR WINDS CD. Really a collectors edition which has been remastered and includes a 14 page booklet with new photos, band member interviews and a chronological history of TANGIER! The new release is really well done and is a MUST for all connoisseurs of true American Hard rock. You can check it out here!!